Netzodruk is set to boost business with Komori Impremia IS29

“We are ready to set sail for the future and we are very proud to have the Komori Impremia IS29 as our flagship.” Martin Damhuis joined NetzoDruk as co-owner and director in the middle of 2017. He has set himself the ambitious task of taking business to ‘the next level’: “We see many opportunities for further growth.”

Two Dutch brothers, Henry and Jeroen Ipskamp, established NetzoDruk in 2005. They take the same innovative approach as their father did, when he founded his printing house in 1978. Always eager to find new business, Mr Ipskamp Sr. early recognized the upcoming digital printing technology as a major opportunity to, for example, successfully pioneer the market for the professional reproduction of theses. Martin Damhuis: “That market is still an important part of our business today. Now, we see the Komori Impremia IS29 as the next big thing. Being the very first to install this new inkjet press in The Netherlands gives us a competitive edge. We will be able to offer new services and open up new markets.”

New materials, products and applications
Today, NetzoDruk has two operational locations - Groningen and Enschede - employing nearly 30 people. Together, they provide digital print and finishing services to both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets – the latter mainly through its online web portal. “To broaden our scope, we added large format inkjet printing to our in-house portfolio last year”, says Damhuis, as he explains how NetzoDruk is gearing up for further growth. “A ‘one-stop-shopping’ experience for our customers improves our relationship with them. Also, large format printing allows us to target completely new markets, such as art printing, signage and packaging-samples. We even created an ‘inspiration room’ at our Enschede-location, where we invite customers to show them the range of new materials, products and applications that are now within reach.”

Unique capabilities and capacity
Process automation is also featured high on the list of business innovation at NetzoDruk. “Online business will continue to grow and become our main sales channel, although we certainly plan to maintain our personal touch by advising our customers. We are now implementing a completely new and future-proof platform, to ensure we can handle all jobs automatically. The new system will also allow for other printing houses to make use of our unique capabilities and capacity – including these of our brand new Komori Impremia IS29. Their jobs will seamlessly fit into our workflow.”

On the right track
Ever since Komori announced its 29-inch sheetfed UV inkjet press Impremia IS29 in 2012, Henry Ipskamp has been keeping a keen eye on its further development and progress – even visiting the factory in Japan to take a closer look at the technology. The live demo of the concept during Drupa in 2012, made a big impression, says Damhuis: “It not only confirmed that inkjet would indeed be the printing technology of the future, but also showed that Komori was on the right track to achieve very high print quality and a wide colour gamut.”

Taking things a step further
High quality and a wide colour gamut are exactly the kind of specifications NetzoDruk is looking for. “We want to be able to stand out by taking things a step further. The Komori Impremia IS29 allows us to do exactly that”, explains Damhuis. “Our customers have become accustomed to the level of quality from our current digital presses, which until now have been considered to set the norm. But we will be able to exceed those expectations. We can provide even more added value with our new machine.”

Having the Komori Impremia IS29 up and running at the Enschede-location, Damhuis is ready to take full advantage of its unique features: “We can now go up to B2-sized sheets – a much larger format than we could handle before, and also larger than most other systems can process. And then there is the very broad range of paper and substrates we can print on, with thicknesses of 0.06 up to 0.6 mm. This will expand our product range even further, opening up new possibilities such as, book covers and carton boxes for the packaging market. We can really go for some extremely challenging paper varieties and still be able to print in high quality. I look forward to discover new and interesting niches with our customers.”
Because the Komori press uses UV inkjet inks, substrates do not need any of the pre-coating that other inkjet presses do require, explains Martin Damhuis: “The inks are fully UV-cured right after printing, so we can start finishing the product immediately. This gives us another advantage, by being able to further shorten delivery time for our customers.”

Boosting business
Although being the first to install a Komori Impremia IS29 in The Netherlands requires NetzoDruk to stick out its neck, Damhuis is convinced it will lead to success. “The Ipskamp-family and Komori have always had a trusted relationship. So, cooperating on the implementation of the Impremia IS29 has been a true partnership. Our operators have been trained for four weeks on the job, making sure they know the machine inside and out to get to the very best results possible. They are very much looking forward to get their hands on this machine.” Martin Damhuis is set to boost business: “Hopefully, we will be able to even add a second Komori Impremia IS29 as quickly as possible to make sure we take full advantage of the opportunities the future of print has to offer.”

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